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WHAT WE       DO  

quality of life

The Dkids Foundation is committed to improving quality of life for youth living with type 1 diabetes.


How do we plan to do that?


By launching a series of Quality of Life programs wherein we provide diabetes education through the lens of your T1Ds favorite recreational sports and activities.


Our goal is to create a welcoming and supportive one-of-a-kind environment where participants and staff alike can thrive, learn and have fun together. The hope is to reach as many youth living with Type 1 Diabetes as we can.

With our unique program model, the Dkids Quality of Life programs set out to create a wide variety of recreational opportunities for T1Ds and a chance for them to truly be themselves.

The best part - we are all giving T1Ds the chance to play the sport they love with the support they need!

opportunity for t1ds

It is universally recognized that "exercise is an absolutely vital part of Type 1 Diabetes treatment," yet there is simply not enough opportunity or support for young people living with Type 1 Diabetes to play sports.


The Dkids Foundation believes that young people living with T1D deserve the chance to experience their favorite activities in a care-free environment, where they know they have the support they need,


A true chance to be themselves.

And though it's not always easy to make friends with T1D, there's no easier way to do that than by bringing together like-minded T1Ds who all share a passion for the same sport.


Through a shared love of sport and knowledge that they're not the only Type 1 participating, it becomes much easier to relax and enjoy the experience.

Surrounded by the right professionals, coaches and support staff, the magic of people-power takes care of the rest.



The Dkids Foundation has set forward to launch as many Quality of Life programs as possible in the next 3 years.

Programs Costs will include;

  • Facility

  • Insurance

  • Staff

    • Certified Diabetes Educators

    • Sports Supervisors

    • Sports Instructors

    • Ambassadors

  • Nutritionists

  • Sports Therapists

  • Participant/Staff Apparel

  • Equipment

The Dkids Foundation will dedicate a minimum of 20 spaces per Quality of Life program to deserving and qualified applicants through Bursaries.

Beyond our programs, Dkids would like to support participation in other programs available for T1Ds and will seek to dedicate a portion of donated funds to working with other organizations to provide as many opportunities as possible.

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 BEYOND         DKIDS     

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With the goal of making each and every day a better one on this journey towards a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, The Dkids Foundation believes that support for all is necessary and will invest when and where it best serves our community. You are a part of this journey and can help guide the Dkids Foundation with your input.





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