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Our Partners

The Dkids Foundation is grateful to all of our partners who share a passion for making a difference in the lives of people living with Type 1 Diabetes.


Support comes in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. 

As a benefactor you can support T1D youth through Dkids in a variety of ways; from sending kids to camp to supporting staff to program growth, your generosity becomes their opportunity.


A variety of sponsorship levels are available in order to better direct the support you wish to provide.


All T1Ds deserve an opportunity to do what they love, give them that chance.

Be a champion of chance.


Seeking the direct approach?

There's nothing more integral to the success of our Quality of Life programs than the Partners that make them happen.

Supporting T1D youth by giveng them the opportunity to play the sports they love. 


One moment to make a difference is all the opportunity in the world to change someone's life.


The more time we give, the more of the people we love we get back.


Take a moment.

Donors who support the Dkids Foundation are aware of the day-to-day struggles those who live with type 1 diabetes must face and share in our commitment to improve daily quality of life for T1Ds and their loved ones.

Together, we can provide the tools, support, community and opportunity to make each day on this journey a little easier.


Through education, raising awareness and bringing our passionate community together, there is no question we can all work together

make tomorrow better today.


Our Partners

Here is where you will find a list of our valued Partners.

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Our Sponsors

Here is where you will find a list of our valued Sponsors.

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Our Benefactors

Here is where you will find a list of our valued donors.

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