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diskover fund

Send a kid to camp

Having the opportunity to pursue the activity you love with the support you need is a chance all kids living with Type 1 Diabetes deserve.


The Dkids Foundation understands how important exercise is to a living a healthy life. It becomes all the more vital when living with type 1 diabetes.


Less than 40% of youth participate in sports and that number is even lower for T1Ds. In order to reverse this trend, time and effort are required to build a network of programs dedicated to providing education and recreational activities.


With young people being diagnosed at a faster rate than ever before, it is important to build an infrastructure to support the love of sport and living an active lifestyle for youths living with type 1 diabetes.


The Dkids Foundation proudly raises money to fund the Diskovery Fund, a special bursary fund providing financial assistance to qualified Diabetes camps and programs for underprivileged youth living with type 1 diabetes.

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."


  • The Dkids Foundation Diskover Fund is dedicated to providing Bursaries to qualified youth living with Type1 Diabetes.

  • Diskover Fund Bursaries will prioritize sending kids to Dkids Foundation Quality of Life programs.

  • Additional Bursaries may become available for other qualified programs.

  • 20 Bursaries per Dkids program.

  • 1 Bursary covers the fees associated with the cost of participation for 1 boy or girl to attend a Dkids Foundation Quality of Life Program.

Your generosity helps provide a young boy or girl living with Type 1 Diabetes the chance to pursue their passion with the support they deserve and need.


From uniforms to meals, education programs and places to play, your gift will go towards building a network of programs and resources, support and opportunities that will help encourage a new generation to break down barriers and find their path to success.

"Exercise is an absolutely vital part of Type 1 Diabetes treatment."

Support "D" kids

Your dollars make a difference.

Benefactors of the Dkids Foundation are aware of the day-to-day struggles those who live with Type 1 Diabetes must face, and share in our concern and commitment to improve daily quality of life for T1Ds and their loved ones.

Through education, raising awareness and by bringing our passionate community together, there is no question we can unite to make a difference.

As a donor, you empower Dkids to accelerate our ability to make a difference.


By providing the means for a child living with T1D to attend a Dkids Quality of Life program, you give them the tools, support, community and opportunity they need to make each day on this journey with Type 1 Diabetes a little easier.

It's all about opportunity.


You provide that opportunity by supporting programs, participants and their families who need it most.

The ultimate goal is to provide as many kids living with Type 1 Diabetes with as many opportunities as possible.

The more youth with T1D that have an opportunity to attend a program, the more families will benefit.


The more programs offered, the more opportunity there is to build communities.


The more staff who participate, the greater the amount of dedicated medical professionals who get to learn, grow and improve their skills.

The more we do, the more we help. The more you give, the greater the impact we can make together.

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